The offer!

We provide a general overview of our services on this page. Additional technical information is provided on our ‘mutual agreement‘ page

In a nutshell here’s what we do:

We build a fully functional website and blog, then sell it to you! So far nothing amazing, however…

Our introductory offer for a fully functional wordpress site and blog is the amazing low price of £182.50!

Because we built it using wordpress, a content management application, you can take control of adding and updating content to your site from the day it’s launched. We put you in charge!

We are setting up sample sites so that you can see them in action before buying. Our first is:

Your Craft Site: : Aimed at people who make and sell their own craft products. There is a buy now button on the home page. The reason the first sample site is for crafters is because this site has been set up by Mike who has worked to support self-employed and small business owners making and selling their own soaps and cosmetics since 2017 via The Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers. The Guild is a peer support ground that Mike founded and manages. A large number of members did not have their own websites on joining and this initiative grew from Mike’s efforts to help them develop a quality website while working with a limited budget…

Other sample sites aimed at different occupations to follow. For an overview of what is included and what your site can become see below:

We produce premium fully functioning websites with the following included as standard:

  • Optimisation, your audience will be able to view your site on any size screen
  • Search engine friendly so you are easier to find when people search keywords relating to your business
  • Security and a free SSL certificate. SSL certificates are very important if you sell through your site. They prevent search engines flagging warnings about your site security. We install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate with each new website that we build. More information:
  • Automatic updates via our central HUB or via a site plugin. We will discuss your preferred option
  • Ongoing flexible training and support so that you can add to and update your website any time you want. No more waiting for a web designer which greatly reduces your costs

We include up to 10 pages, upload your image files and include your first 5 blog posts. We will help you write them if its all new to you! Our approach saves you an absolute fortune, now and in the future…

Looking to the future…

Your website can grow seamlessly as your needs change and your business grows. You can:

  • add a shop so that you can sell just about anything
  • create a membership site
  • build a mailing list
  • publish and circulate a newsletter
  • add animations
  • add audio or video
  • add surveys and pools
  • add feedback forms
  • add downloads, for example sample chapters of books if you are an author

You can even change the design and look of your site while keeping your content by installing a new template and clicking a few buttons.